Video Lock

This video marketing tool lets you engage your visitors where ever and when ever you feel it’s appropriate.

Features include:

  • Play options. Your video can be set to no auto play. With this setting, the video appears, but the user must click the play button to view the video.
  • Time delay for start of video. This feature can be used if you want your video to automatically start playing after so many seconds. Its a great option if you have a lot of text on a page that you want your visitors to read and absorb. . . like this info! This Video Lock is set to 20 seconds.
  • Time delay for call to action button to appear. You’ll see our CTA 10 seconds after the video starts.
  • Can be placed on multiple pages if desired
  • Video controls (volume, pause, play, share) are available for user
  • Head and subhead text
  • Styling including size of video frame and font colors
  • Fully responsive

Wait for it. . .