Welcome to One-Page Navigation!

Notice the different set of navigation links at the top of this page? Click one, and see where it takes you!

How One-Page Navigation Works

Websites with one-page navigation are built using content bands or rows. The links at the top of the page are set to move the page up to the appropriate horizontal band or row that corresponds with that top link. Click on a top link and watch what happens.

We set cool photos as backgrounds on some of the bands. As you can see, they expand the entire width of the site giving the page a nice open look.

One-page navigation is great in a pinch. . . if you need an online presence while your full website is being built. One-page navigation websites also work well if you do not have a lot of content for a full website.

The downside is that your website is only one page. Unfortunately, Google may not think your site is very important and may not list it on the search engine results page.

Why Use One-Page Nav?

  • For Starters, they are fun and easy to use on any device with a touch screen, like ultras, tablets and smartphone.
  • They are quick and easy to build. 
  • They work well if you don’t have a lot of information for a full website.
  • Fun and vibrant imagery can be used to catch your reader’s attention! (Keep scrolling; you’ll see what we mean!)

Visual Messaging

Below, is an example of a brief,
mouth-watering message!

It’s an enticing visual reminder of what’s coming in a few months.
And, . . . it comes with an offer to be reminded “when it’s time.”

Strawberry Season is Just Around the Corner!

That mouth-watering tradition that kicks off summer is almost here. Check back for dates and times and early-bird discounts!

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Landing Pages

The little guy in the photo below missed his

landing page – aka Lilly pad.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t use landing pages to attract new visitors
to your website and ultimately- win new business!