Events Calendar Overview

The Free Events Calendar WordPress Plugin by Modern Tribe comes with lot’s of options to present a clean, organized view
of your events.

Details of your events include:

  • Time and date
  • Event cost
  • Venue location details including saved venues
  • Venue website
  • Google map
  • Event organizer details

Calendars can be styled to integrate your site’s color palette.

Page views include:

  • Month view –  Best used when there are a lot of activities to view. We’ve used this view in our example
  • List view- Perfect when there are large gaps in your calendar or for events that occur sporadically
  • Week view – Highlight events, one week at a time, days are on the x axis with hours on the y axis

See the Month View

Event Feed

The free version of the Events Calendar plugin also comes with one widget for additional views of your events calendar throughout your website. See our List View example

  • Compact display with all the main details
  • Link to Google map
  • Link to Venue
  • Link to Venue’s website
  • Styling to match your site’s color palette

See the Feed Display

  •  Please Note:
All events listed in the calendar are fictitious
and for the sole purpose of demonstration.