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Frequently Asked Questions

Designing and developing a website can seem like a daunting task. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions to help put your mind at ease.

If this is your first website, you will need two items:

First, a domain name. Your domain name is basically your website’s address on the internet. Domain names have different extensions like .com, .net, or .edu.

Second, you’ll need a host for your website. A hosting service stores your website files and provides access to the Internet or World Wide Web.

We have had great success with GoDaddy for purchasing both domain names and WordPress hosting packages.

If you already have a website, and you need a new one, You By Design will provide a staging area, at no charge, where we will build your new site. Your current site will remain active until we go live with the new site.

Every website is different, but generally speaking it takes a few months to design, develop, and launch a website. If we have the text, photos, and the graphic elements needed for the new website, the process goes relatively quickly. If those elements have to be created, the process can take longer.
Nope, your current site will stay live while we work on your new website. Once we make the switch-over to your new site, it takes about 24 hours until the general public sees your new site.
Your new site will be built in a staging area. Only those people with a link will be able to see it.
A theme is a collection of files that work together to create the design and functionality of your WordPress website. They use languages such as css, php, and java script. Themes provide choices for page layouts and specific features like blogs or categories.
Themes provide a design starting point for your website. They also take care of the functionality on your site so you don’t have to. Costs are also kept relatively low because so much of the website development has been completed for you.
Nope, themes can be very different from one another. Some are better than others in that they offer more options for color and styles. Some themes will allow you to customize them, and some will not.
We recommend the X Theme and here’s why. First, it came highly recommended from other web developers. Second, our first-hand experience has been top notch. Out of the box, the theme is loaded with lots of extras and provides unlimited options for styling and customization. Please visit our page on the X Theme for more information.
A child theme is a theme that inherits it style and functionality from another theme – namely its parent.

Best practices are to make modifications to a child theme. This will help ensure that all styles and functionality are preserved when there is an upgrade to the parent theme or to WordPress. And yes, we use child themes.

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